Solutions to optimize your marketing ROI

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ScanmarQED - Advanced Marketing Analytics

If you For example, you might want to answer the following questions:

  • Which own marketing u. / or. Competitor activity or other variable (e.g. the weather) has a significant influence on my business development?
  • How high is this influence?
  • So what is my marketing ROI?

then marketingQED is the perfect solution. Marketing mix modeling, planning, optimization & forecasting.


ScanmarQED Data Integration & HMI

Marketing Analytics - such as MarketingQED Effectiveness Technology - requires structured data. These are not always so available - especially when different internal and external data sources need to be merged - as needed. Scanmar makes your marketing data usable. Data integration as required by everyday marketing.


Tableau - Seeing & Understanding Data

You already have structured data to work with. However, data alone is not yet useful. Only with the right tool can you have the hidden treasures in your data. Tableau is fast, user-friendly and elegant.


Since 1993

Change is the essence of (marketing) life

We love marketing. And it has always been exciting. Now it is more dynamic than ever. Identifying the key marketing factors for you and making them more controllable is our goal. So you can benefit from the current and upcoming changes.


As Mr. Darwin said so beautifully:

"It's not the strongest species survivor, nor the most intelligent
that survives. It is the one most adaptable to change. "

Charles R. Darwin, 1809-1882

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